How to Pick Good Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electrician Winston-Salem

Use the following 12 guidelines to choose good commercial electricians for your Commercial project.


  1. Skillset: do the electricians have the skill sets you need to provide you with the electrical solutions you need?
  2. Experience: Does the contractor you are considering have experience working with commercial businesses and solving their unique set of challenges?
  3.  Referrals: Can your potential electrical contractor provide credible references for previous commercial work experience? Are the referrals current customers and for work completed in the last 2-3 years?
  4. Ask about the electrician’s safety record? Do they follow safe work habits and maintain a safe work environment?
  5. What would be your contractor’s work plan? Will they complete the work themselves or subcontract out the work?
  6. Will the electrical contractor commit to a timeline to complete the work? If not, think twice about hiring them.
  7. Meet with the electricians in person. Is their an appearance acceptable for your place of business?
  8. Be sure to get a commitment to clean up the job site. Nothing is worse than a contractor that completes a job, leaves and your, workplace is a bigger mess than when the work began.
  9. After work guarantee. Will the electrician guarantee their work? Will they commit to completing a punch list if you find issues after the work is completed?
  10. Check references, bonding, and other start required certifications. A little pre-planning will save future headaches and build a better working relationship between you and your commercial electrical contractor.
  11. Ask for proof of insurance and proof of and, Electrical Contractor license required by your start or local government.
  12. Do you require a specific set of materials or parts manufacturer?  Be sure to include these details in your proposal request.

Choosing the right commercial electrician for your general contracting or building remodel is key to successful project completion.  Spend the time now to do your research and planning and you will get a better outcome.  Need help with your commercial electrical project?  Learn more about Fortus Electric. or call 336.341-3752.

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