Electrical tips for Fall, be prepared for cold, wet weather.

A little preparation now will help you get your home or business prepared for the upcoming wet, cold winter months.  Spend a couple of hours and complete the Fortus Electic fall electrical checklist. Avoid costly electrical repairs by preparing now before the winter months arrive.

Ten tips for home and commercial electrical safety this Fall:

  1. Check outdoor outlets to ensure covers and units are not cracked or broken.
  2. Inspect connecting wiring for cracked covering and loose wires
  3. Remove any obstructions from outlets and fixtures (bird nests, leaves, etc.)
  4. Thoroughly inspect landscape lighting for broker lamp covers, cracked or broken wiring.
  5. Inspect, clean, and properly store pool, equipment, and toys.
  6. Fix or replace broken deck lights and electrical fixtures.
  7. Replace burned out light bulbs and lamps.
  8. Inspect extension cords and other electrical equipment used with Christmas lights
  9. Change outdated and dis-charged batteries from security and lawn equipment.
  10. Call the experienced electricians at Fortus Electric to fix serious electrical problems

Extreme weather, cold, rain or snow can make for difficult conditions for your electrical equipment.  A little pre-planning can save you time, headache and money. If you need help with electrical services call Fortus Electric at 336-955-1023 or visit our request a quote page.

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