Fortus Electric’s Electrical Safety Tips for Spring

(Post updated March 30, 2019)

1) Inspect all electrical outlets and switches
• replace broken and out of date electrical plates
• call an electrician and fix inoperable light switches
• outdoor outlets and switches, make sure they haven’t been damaged by winter weather

2) Test ground-fault circuit interrupters in kitchens and bathrooms. Consider replacing old and out-dated GFC’s that don’t conform to current building codes.

3) Clean and properly store humidifiers and other winter appliances. Use care to make sure power cords are stored properly and safely.

4) Check lightbulbs, appliances, kids toys and other electrical devices to insure safe operating condition.

5) Thoroughly inspect outdoor outlets and switches, specifically look for weather damage and clear the area of any moisture, fallen branches, and other winter debris.

6) Make sure outdoor appliances, tools and electric toys are in good working order, look for cracked wiring, worn sheathing on power cords, etc.

7) Do your outdoor lights and security systems need new light bulbs? Now is the time to check bulb integrity and replace as needed. Be sure to read the appliance specs and use only manufacturer recommended wattages.

8) While you are going through the inspection process, get rid of any worn or broken Christmas lights and decorations.

9) Re-arrange outdoor furniture, toys and appliances to a safe distance from outlets. Make sure any water collection hazards are removed to avoid electric shock.

10) Consider hiring a licensed electrician to complete a safety audit of your electrical system and repair electrical hazards.

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