Fortus Electric, Inc. is a Certified, Licensed Electrical Contractor serving North Carolina

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Fortus Electric, Inc. Commercial Electricians

At Fortus Electric, Inc. we are evolving our business to be a provider of innovative electrical offertings that provide superior electrical contracting services to our customers. Our commercial electricians are using their 25 years of experience in the electrical contracting business to help our customers with the electrical needs of their businesses.

We understand the importance of safe and effective electrical services and our experienced commercial electrians specialize in maintaining and enhancing the electrical needs of your business. Whether you are a small retail store or an industrial manufacturer we can help with your electrical service needs.

Fortus Electric commercial electricians have a long history of supporting our clients through:

  • Expert Design & Planning
  • Superior Quality on Every Project
  • Dependable & On-Time project completion
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Safety Reviews
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

If you need help adding an EV charging station to your facility, Fortus Electric has a solution for you.  We can install electric vehicle charging stations that will help you charge your vehicle faster and more efficiently than the plug-in cable supplied with most electric trucks.

There are a variety of electric charging options including smart-chargers that are connected to the internet that can schedule your vehicle charging during off-peak hours and send out progress notifications. Non-smart chargers are also that only charge the car or truck with no internet connections or notification capabilities.   There is a multitude of options including outdoor installations and chargers with longer cables.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all EV charging station, depending on your electric vehicle you will have different needs for your electrical vehicle charging station. Not all cars and trucks need the highest electrical power output, every vehicle charger can recharge a car overnight.

We can also install and maintain revenue charging stations where the general public can pull up and charge their electric car or truck and pay for a charge.

Whether your need is for a single charger or a quantity, Fortus Electric’s commercial electricians can help you install and maintain charging stations at your facility.  Give us a Call or complete our Request a Quote form.


Electrical Vehicle Charger
Electric Car Being Charged
EV Stations on the outside of your building
Electric Car Charges Outside

Dedicated to Customer Service and Electrical Excellence

Our Commercial Electricians offer the following services:

  • Small electrical repairs
  • Install and repair 220 volt power outlets
  • 100/200 amp service upgrades
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Ground CSST gas Lines
  • Wire generators
  • Upgrade and retro fit lighting
  • Wire HVAC units
  • Wiring for equipment
  • GFCI Installations
  • Outdoor/Parking lot lighting
  • Wire signage
  • Add or replace receptacles and switches
  • Upgrade service panels
  • Fire and water equipment installation
  • Replace fuse or breaker boxes\
  • Wiring and electrical inspection
  • Connections to main power lines

Fortus Electric, Inc. is a Certified, Licensed Electrical Contractor serving North Carolina

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